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Full-time Opportunities

Software Engineer

Our mission is to accelerate the benefits of robotics for everyday life. We are looking for the world’s best engineers who are passionate about driving our mission forward and about solving some of the world’s most challenging engineering problems. If you are a current bachelor’s or master’s degree student with an expected graduation date before June 2019, you may apply here to be considered for all of our software engineering teams.


Get to know our software teams that are open to new graduates


Build a large-scale logistics platform to match demand and supply of our autonomous vehicles as well as a new user experience that will become the main gateway that millions of customers use to interact with autonomous vehicles.

Machine Learning
Work with all of the robotics teams to develop novel machine learning algorithms and methods to solve complex, real-world problems across the entire robotics software stack.

Planning & Control
Work on systems that plan and control our autonomous vehicles based on data gathered from other teams, including path planning, navigation, manipulation, optimization, vehicle control, etc.

Solve large-scale perception problems including computer vision, machine learning, sensor fusion, state estimation, object detection, classification, and tracking.

Localization & Mapping
Build & maintain large-scale 3D maps of the world, and solve real-time localization problems to ensure the robot never gets lost.

Software Infrastructure
Engineer large-scale systems that deliver real-time performance for our fleet of autonomous vehicles.


Develop algorithms that process large amounts of real-world data to train and tune behavior models for a variety of agents surrounding our autonomous vehicles.