Meet Some of the Team


Jack Gao

Software Engineer

“Autonomous vehicle systems can’t afford any weak links. Luckily, Nuro has the best team I’ve ever seen, so the tech is great and the critical systems are well integrated.”


Sarah Tang

Software Engineer

“I get to work on cutting-edge research problems, but solving these problems will also realize a service that improves many people’s lives.”


Jennifer Dawson

Program Manager

“Nuro has a dynamic, fast-paced development environment and it has been thrilling to see how quickly the team makes breakthroughs.”


Justin Miranda

Robot Operations

“The relationships I’ve built both within my team and with others has motivated me more than I’ve ever experienced.”


Kevin Chen

Software Engineer

“Engineers here don’t just look for easy answers. They take time to build a deep understanding of the problem, then develop the right long-term solution.”


Jingqing Huang

Hardware Engineer

“Robotics is a truly interdisciplinary field at a very exciting stage. There's so much more to invent.”