Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate?

Kroger customers in the 77401, 77096, 77005, and 77025 zip codes will be able to order groceries for delivery via or the Kroger mobile app.



How safe is the vehicle?

Safety is Nuro’s top priority, and we are relentlessly focused on ensuring our vehicles are not just good neighbors, but among the safest on the road.  

Our vehicle is engineered to be safer than nearly any other — it is lighter than a passenger vehicle, narrower and more nimble, and operates at lower speeds.

Our vehicles and their autonomy systems undergo extensive testing, including a wide range of critical safety scenarios that require immediate response to prevent harm. Manned vehicles have a safety driver present at all times. Our custom vehicle has a remote operator monitoring at all times, capable of taking over in the event of a potential unmanaged risk.



How do I place an order?

Visit or download the Kroger mobile app on iOS or Android. Start shopping and proceed to checkout to select your delivery time window.



How will I know when my Nuro self-driving vehicle is here?

You will receive notifications via text message when your order has departed the store and when it’s arriving at your location. You’ll also be able to track your Nuro vehicle live on the map once it’s on its way.



What if there is an issue with my order?

Please contact our customer service team at 833-687-6268 or and we will work to resolve your issue.