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We are an experienced team passionate about advancing robotics to dramatically improve the way we live.

In previous roles, we’ve made critical contributions to technological breakthroughs in hardware, software, robotics, and machine learning. And we’ve won international competitions and launched international products.

We've come together at Nuro to accomplish something big and meaningful. To swing the needle. Together. Join us.

Our Culture


 We tackle the impossible.

We tackle some of the most complex technical and operational challenges of our generation which means we operate on the frontier of what is possible. We set ambitious targets that stretch our abilities and can often feel uncomfortable. This requires perseverance, resilience and a shared passion for building something extraordinary.  


We take ownership.

We encounter difficult challenges every day, and we’re quick to find solutions to those challenges. This requires a mixture of aptitude to identify solutions and attitude to remain positive in the face of adversity. Nurons do not point the finger of blame but instead point the torch towards possible solutions. We believe that only decisions made in the best interest of Nuro will lead to personal success for us all.


We do the right thing.

We operate with integrity. First, we prioritize doing what’s right, not doing what’s easy. We put the long-term interests of our customers, employees, partners, the broader community and shareholders ahead of short-term convenience or ease of execution. Second, we believe in transparency. We believe in sharing the context and rationale behind decisions and making information widely available so all Nurons can make informed and thoughtful decisions.


We have a high bar. 

Solving the most difficult technical challenges requires us to build the world’s best team, and like every great team in history, we want the best player in each position. We recognize that building a diverse team, representing a rich tapestry of lived experience, is crucial to our success: that the best decisions result from respectful discussions and close collaboration between people from all walks of life. We believe in robust debates but also in supporting the outcome once a decision has been made. We value thoughtfulness, a sense of urgency and a commitment to high-quality output and hold people accountable to demonstrate these attributes on a daily basis.


Meet the Team


Jennifer Dawson

Head of Safety

“Nuro has a dynamic, fast-paced development environment and it has been thrilling to see how quickly the team makes breakthroughs.”


Will Maddern

Software Engineer – Mapping

“After a decade of robotics research, I’ve come to believe the fastest way to scale the benefits of autonomy is with small, unmanned vehicles built for logistics and transport. Nuro has an incredibly compelling plan to make it a reality.”


Zachary Liu

Software Engineer – Product

“I love the wide variety of interesting challenges we have to solve every day as we bring a brand-new product category to market, from human-robot interactions to autonomous routing and dispatch.”


Sarah Tang

Software Engineer – Planning

“I get to work on cutting-edge research problems, but solving these problems will also realize a service that improves many people’s lives.”


Justin Miranda

Robot Operations

“The relationships I’ve built both within my team and with others has motivated me more than I’ve ever before experienced.”


JQ Huang

Hardware Engineer

“I love working alongside brilliant, engaging people from many different fields.”


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Daily catered lunch and dinner, plus tasty snacks

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Free Caltrain pass and commuter benefits

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Paid holidays plus unlimited vacation for exempt Nurons, or generous PTO for non-exempt ones

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Meaningful equity opportunity


Dog-friendly office

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Comprehensive individual and family medical, dental and vision insurance


24/7 support for your behavioral well-being

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Competitive compensation


10 weeks paid for both moms & dads


All Open Roles